Section outline

  • This online course is a course where you learn about how to use the JuezLTI tool in your own courses. You will learn at your tempo and when it suits you. The course is divided into six lessons where you read and work through some tasks.

    To be able to perform those tasks you will also get another course here on this Moodle instance where you enroll as a teacher.

    That course where you have the roll as a teacher is your sandbox where you can try out the JuezLTI connection towards this LMS. If you have the possibility and want to work towards your current LMS you can feel free to use that instead as long as it supports the required LTI standard.

    When working through this course you can click the Mark as done button to keep track of your progress. You can of course jump back and forth to other parts as it pleases you.

    If there are any big announcements in the course they will be published in the Announcement forum

    In the Questions and answers forum you can ask questions about anything related to the JuezLTI tool and teaching with it.

  • JuezLTI is a tool that allows the automatic assessment of computing studies exercises, namely, markup languages as well as programming and databases exercises. The tool is also innovative because of its interoperability with any learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle, Sakai, Canvas or Blackboard (among many others) thanks to the use of the LTI standard. This, added to the pool of exercises developed into the project, allows it to be used in a large number of institutions, some of which have shown interest and explicit support for the project.

    The image below shows the usage diagram of JuezLTI: JuezLTI: Usage Diagram

    • In this first lesson you will learn how to get the credentials to be able to use JuezLTI. It will also teach you about how the authentication in JuezLTI works.

    • In this lesson, you will learn how to use JuezLTI in your Moodle course.
      You are automatically enrolled as a teacher in 1 sample course. The course name is "{YourFirstName}'s Course" and you can find it here(

    • In this lesson you will learn how to create and import exercises in JuezLTI

    • In this lesson, you will learn how the students interact with JuezLTI to get to and how to answer the exercises.
      You are automatically enrolled as a student in 2 sample courses: Java ( and PostgreSQL( so you can try student view in these courses.

    • In this lesson you will learn how you can review the results after the students have done their exercises.

    • In this lesson you will learn how to backup your exercises created and how to restore them later on.

  • Now you should hopefully know enough to be able to use JuezLTI in your own corses. If you want to dig further and would like to get involved in the project we are hard at work creating another course about how to develop and deploy JuezLTI. For more info about the project you can go to the JuezLTI web site